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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Ornithological Society of México -SMO-

Held a very special event the past august 19, 2007...

The location, beautiful; the historical nostalgia, present; the agrobiological perspective, deep; the best mural paintings by classical and contemporary mexican schools gave ther artistic framework...The place? Chapingo University, a few miles east of Mexico city. There, within a formal ceremony Dr. Carlos Juarez and Dr. Manuel Servin were admitted as Honorary members of the SMO. Dr. Juarez best known for his significant teaching in graduate and undergraduate biology and research in local and migratory birds, Dr. Servin for his teaching and research in microbial physiology and historical studies of migratory birds in the spreading of bioweapons, particularly Venezuelan Equine Encephalomyelitis virus and it´s corresponding vaccine TC-83, by the USA.
The SMO, is a highly qualified group integrating most academic and non academic professionals in the various fields of bird science whose next annual gathering shall take place at Puebla -a 1 hr drive from Mexico city- next april. Contacts:


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