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Friday, October 24, 2008

Neither Obama nor McCain...


To put it plainly: I don´t really care about which of the two shall be the best president for the anglics and their nation. What really interests me most, is how either of the two shall carry on their government policies towards México and how the, so far, incompetent mexican government shall react.

In this respect please consider if WE SHALL SEE ¡MORE! OF:

both presidents strolling in their ranches?
USA advantages due to NAFTA asymmetries?
the US demagogy on “climate change”?
mexicans killed at the MEXUS border?
walls at the US south border?
“world police”: Afganirak, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador and so forth?
bullying against Evo, Chavez, Iran and so on?
war against drugs...only on the “offer” side?
plundering of our natural resources?
biosafe USA and biotests in México?
the post-Eisenhower MIC -military industrial complex- war mongers
push the world -and the dollar- almost to oblivion?


Shall we see a serious review of the foundational basis of the first

modern democracy in America once again setting an example

to the world like in 1776 ?


Quino, "Gente en su Sitio", ed. Nueva Imagen, 1978


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